Very powerful animations explaining the effects of being abandoned by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso and the NKT

An ex NKT’er has collated a collection of animations that describe their personal experiences of living in a Dharma centre. They share the devastation they experienced through disrobing and the things that lead up to the painful and mind numbing choice to stop being in the NKT.

Here is the general link to their page

Xtranormalbuddhist on surviving an unhealthy Buddhist organisation

and here is a break down of the animations

A letter to their Guru

A letter to the Guru is a heart breaking animation about xtranormalbuddhists experiences of being abandoned by their Guru and them handing back any commitments and vows.

Punished for being human

Xtranormalbuddhists experience of being thrown out of a Dharma centre. The reason Xtranormalbuddhist was thrown out of their home and their centre was given as’ ruining peoples faith’. They were given one month to find a new home suitable for an ordained member of the sangha. The main teacher blanked and stopped all communication with Xtranormalbuddhist leaving them at the mercy of spiteful and dangerous gossip and verbal attacks. The teacher accused Xtranormalbuddhist as being a stalker and the rest of his ‘disciples’ as he called them, became more and more extreme finally accusing Xtranormalbuddhist of being a potential murderer. Hysterical responses to a nun losing her home due to a breakdown in relationship with one teacher.


An insight into the psychological effects of leaving the NKT

And here are a group of cartoons either based on conversations or experiences xtranormalbuddhist had whilst being a nun in the care of the NKT


Spread the Dharma

Lojong teachings

You need to suffer more

Can you afford to stay in your own room?


Trying to get help with my practice