Links to other sites that give information about the NKT and Buddhism in General

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Here are links we are collating from the internet. We are hoping with this library of links to offer a wide information source on Buddhism, the different traditions and schools.

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Links to sites that give information about the NKT and the Western Shugden Society.

Western Shugden Society

Facebook groups:

NKT Confused

Support groups:

NKT survivors

You tube:

Bardo experience, leaving the NKT

Xtranormal Buddhist’s animations based on experiences in an abusive Buddhist environment


I want you to be my Guru



Spread the dharma

Lojong teachings

Punished for being human


Heruka or Vajrayogini?

Can you afford to stay in your own room?

Links to more experiences

Another personal story

A day in the life of the New Kadampa Tradion : A personal story

Sane thoughts on Guru relationships.

Tenzin Palmo discussing what a Healthy Guru relationship is.