Kadampa survivors: Dave Cutshaw

On this site we are not interested in becoming affiliated with any other sites because we would like to keep out own path and motivation clear.

We do feel however that we would like to have our own say about David Cutshaw (aka) Davcuts and his group NKT survivors.

A lot of our members have use the NKT survivors group to help them remove the pain and burdens they carry around after leaving the NKT. For some people this group is just what they need after they leave the NKT and still feel bound by them. It needs to be understood that the people using this group are sometimes hurt and angry. They need a place to vent these feelings. This may appear distasteful to the NKT. Fortunately Mr Cutshaw has given people a place where they can freely express themselves, their hurt and anger, so they can move on from it and start to feel healed after thier life crushing experience in the NKT.

There is no reason on earth why Dave Cutshaw can not set up group for survivors of the NKT. There is no reason why that group has to entertain any pro NKT posting. Mr Cutshaw really doesn’t have to like the NKT at all, it is his right to like, dislike, support or otherwise anything he chooses.

Although the NKT survivors group is not for people in the NKT we found the NKT survivors group to be monitored by the NKT itself. The NKT were actively posting and monitoring all posts put up on the group. We feel the NKT might be better off spending its time focusing on the problems that have driven people on to the NKT survivors group than moaning about the hurt people who gather on this site and talk about their painful experiences.

When people are angry with something or when something has hurt them they rarely feel like they want to be positive about that thing. Where are people who have either left or been driven out of the NKT supposed to go to talk about their pain? The NKT do not offer counselling to people who have been abused or mistreated. People will naturally come close to other people who have similar experiences as them especially after abusive situations.

We find The New Kadampa Truth site to be unkind, un-mindful and hurtful towards Mr Dave Cutshaw. In reading their opinion of Dave Cutshaw we find them to be expressing anger and hatred of him. We do not find this to be a Buddhist response to what Mr Cutshaw is trying to do.

Here is a link to Mr Cutshaw’s own experience of the NKT

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