Info on a legal case the NKT were involved in.

We were emailed this quote. The quote was up on the website for Highden Manor for a while and is no longer on there.

The High Court of New Zealand in June, 2011, found the NKT guilty of illegally aborting the process of purchasing Highden Manor Estate (see:  They lied about failing to receive approval from the Overseas Investment Office.  Their purchase was solely conditional upon this approval.  Next week the High Court will award damages to the owners of Highden Manor Estate.  The sad fact is that the NKT behaved in a very unethical manner and exhibited behavior very much antithetical to “right action”.  From the date of the failed sale, 2 August, 2010, they have ceased all communication with their legal representative in New Zealand, the justice system that holds them accountable, and concerned parties who have, in good faith, attempted to resurrect the sale.

Andrew Michaels
Highden Manor Estate
Palmerston North, New Zealand

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