Geshela says…

There is a culture within the NKT of people saying, “Geshela says…”. “Geshela says it is important to work for a centre”, “Geshela says you should do everything your spiritual guide asks of you”, “It says in Geshela’s book…” You have to remember that anything quoted out of Geshe Kelsangs book could be being quoted out of context. Really you have to read the books for yourself to understand what Geshe Kelsang is trying to get over to people. Also Geshe Kelsang’s advice may have been given to a certain person at a certain time and may not have been meant for you circumstance and situation at all.

Unfortunately most people do not get to meet Geshe Kelsang. Very few people know him personally or have spent any time with him. This includes most of his teachers. Most of the teachers in the NKT have not been trained personally by Geshe Kelsang in fact it would be fair to say hardly any have been trained by him. A lot of the main teachers were trained by Neil Elliot. Neil Elliot later was asked to leave his position as Gen-la due to his sexual conduct with ordained, married and single women. People trained by this disgraced teacher have then gone on to train the newer teachers not Geshe Kelsang.

It would also be fair to say then unless the person saying Geshela says heard it directly, they actually can not be sure he actually said it at all.

It is also very possible that there is a marked difference in the public advice Geshe Kelsang gives to his students in general and his teachers in a more private setting. It is almost impossible to work out what Geshe Kelsang himself thinks about anything as his assistants often reply to things pretending to be Geshe Kelsang thus undermining Geshe Kelsangs mail replies completely.

An example of the confusion created by Geshe Kelsangs assistants – One of our members overheard Geshe Kelsangs assistant Dewang proclaiming that she was really in charge of the NKT not Geshe Kelsang. If his assistant Dewang really is giving spiritual advice and running the NKT it makes it even more difficult to know what Geshe Kelsang himself feels about anything. Generally most of the students and teachers in the NKT are left to sieve through what his assistants have decided, what they have decided the public want to hear, the second/third hand quotes, the gossip, the fake groups they have set up, etc.

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