Geshe Kelsang may not even know you have written to him

99% (if not all) of all correspondence with Geshe Kelsang from his students is read and vetted by his assistants.

It is important to remember that his assistants may well choose to bin your personal correspondence to Geshe Kelsang. Many people write with extremely personal questions relating to their practice and life and it is not unheard of for his assistants to read the letter and decide not to show him the letter or they even just throw them straight in the bin.

If you do not get a reply to mail you have sent it maybe true that Geshe Kelsang has decided not to reply to you but it is more than likely to be true that his assistants have decided the mail is not important.

This type of censorship is more than likely to be put into action if the assistant doesn’t like you, has been informed of some gossip about you, doesn’t like the way you have written a letter or just doesn’t think your letter is important enough to take to Geshe Kelsang.

If an assistant has chosen not to show the letter to Geshe Kelsang you will not be informed and be left to make your own mind up as to why your Guru is ignoring you.

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