Extremism on University Campuses – INFORM

About Inform

Inform is an independent charity that was founded in 1988 by Professor Eileen Barker with the support of the British Home Office and the mainstream Churches. It is based at the London School of Economics. The primary aim of Inform is to help people by providing them with information that is as accurate, balanced, and up-to-date as possible about alternative religious, spiritual and esoteric movements.

No attempt is made to define too precisely terms such as ‘alternative religious, spiritual and esoteric movements’. It is used merely to provide a common-sense starting point to cover what others have called cults, sects, new religious movements (NRMs), non-conventional religions, alternative religions, spiritual or esoteric movements and/or self-religions – as well as new movements in established religions.

Here is a leaflet that is being distributed around universities where the NKT is mentioned…

Extremism on University Campuses