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If you would like to share your personal experience with the NKT please contact: newkadampatruths (at) googlemail (dot) com and one of our moderators will get back to you as soon as they can.

We are also open to ideas. If you feel we have missed something or would like to see something added contact our moderators at newkadampatruths (at) googlemail (dot) com We cannot promise to put up all suggestions but we will try and we will explain our choices if we can’t put up your ideas.

Please note: We want to respect the privacy of all parties involved. Any personal stories will have names changed when published. As many people find that they need therapy after leaving the NKT and do not feel strong enough to cope with their personal lives being exposed and subjected to scrutiny, we feel this is necessary. We do not wish to hamper any ones recovery in any way.

As we recognise the NKT can rouse some strong feeling our moderators have a strict code of policy to follow. They will only publish peoples experiences in accordance with that policy. We also reserve the right to refuse publication to any posts they feel are overly abusive or not in line with the sites purpose.