Another, we feel, insensitive attack on a group for people who have had a bad time in the NKT.

Here is a link to another, we feel insensitive and childish response to The NKT survivors group…

Considering the size of the NKT there are very few places where people can go to be negative about the NKT. People are allowed to be negative about the NKT. No one has to like the NKT. People have personal choice.

This group is there to give people a voice it is not causing any real problems for the NKT. Attacking this group is completely unbeneficial.

The NKT has completely admitted to deliberately going on this group to post ‘positive’ messages. We only wish they had gone on there to find out how their organisation has hurt the people who need this group.

Dave Cutshaw is just a human being going through his own journey in life. A whole organisation pointing the finger at Dave just makes them look as thought they just might be bullies? Just our opinion.

Here is a link to Mr Cutshaws own personal story and his struggle after the NKT

New Beginnings – New Teachers, Constructive discussion on starting over

Here is a link to the NKT survivors group

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