About The New Kadampa Truths Site

This site was felt necessary in light of the NKT’s new smear fighting site. We don’t feel there is anything wrong in the NKT putting up this site as it is their right. We do however feel that it is obviously a biased view. New Kadampa Truths therefore is an attempt to help create an honest and open platform from which peoples’ direct experience can be shared. We hope this might help members of the public in their decision making process about whether to get involved with the NKT or not. It might also help those who are currently having a bad experience with the NKT to realise that they are not alone and that other people have had similar experiences.

There are a few things that we feel are obvious but we would like to draw your attention to them here:

The NKT’s internal rules are monitored by the NKT.

The NKT is not separate from its teachers’ behaviour.

The NKT does have a problem with the way people view their teacher.

There is a culture of not looking after the sick.

No one on this site or who has ever been ‘in’ the NKT wants to have a problem with the NKT.

Geshela says…

There are cover ups in the NKT.

Geshe Kelsang may not even know that you have written to him.

In the NKT Pure View can feel mandatory but it is actually personal choice

Sickness in the NKT. Is it Murder? Is it Manslaughter? Or is it just your Karma?

Kadampa Survivors – Dave Cutshaw

Over Zealous protection of the NKT’s reputation and possible bullying?

We would like you to consider the following:

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Is the principle teacher and Guru of the NKT. People believe that, rightly or wrongly, all decisions are made by him and ultimately come from him, directly or indirectly. We all took Geshe Kelsang as our root guru. This means we do not enjoy, take lightly, desire to contradict or upset him in anyway. We took vows, with him held as our root guru and we were told that going against a root guru would lead to us being reborn in hell. We feel as aspiring Bodhisattvas and serious Buddhists that we have no choice but to give people another side to the NKT – even if this does mean we risk a lower rebirth in our next lives. We have to do this as hundreds of good, kind and ordinary people have been damaged by their experiences in the NKT and under Geshe Kelsang’s care. This should show clearly that the people who post on here do not do it lightly and often it causes them great internal conflict. It takes enormous conviction and bravery to speak up when the stakes are as high as this.

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