Welcome to New Kadampa Truths, our ‘Truth’ about the real NKT.

Welcome to New Kadampa Truths.

This is an independent, non-sectarian group whose members have at one time or another been involved in the NKT. It is a place where people can share their real life experiences of the NKT so that the general public can make up their own mind about the New Kadampa Tradition by listening to people who have had previous experience of the NKT. This site is always being expanded and added to and is constantly under constuction.

If you want to know the kinds of things the NKT are accused of they have put up a handy site www.newkadampatruth.org where they list them all for you. This may prove to the NKT they are not guilty of the ‘smears’ they feel accused of but shows the general public that there is no smoke with out fire as their attitude to the ‘smears’, what they feel they have to defend themselves against and how they have a hit list of people, says it all for us..

We are collating stories of people who have joined and left the NKT. If you would like to read them click here for written essays of peoples personal experiences.

You’ll find further explanation about us on our About page.

This is not an attempt at confrontation towards the NKT but we do feel there is a need for people to be able to share their experiences so that others can hear many views with which to make their choices. Just to be extremely clear we are NOT an NKT run site, we are totally independent of the NKT institution.

If you would like to share your personal experience with the NKT please go to our Contacts page for info.

If you would like to help us and feel we have missed an important point please contact us through the Contacts page.

Please note: We respect the privacy of all parties involved. Any personal stories will have names changed when published. Many people find that they need therapy after leaving the NKT and do not feel strong enough to cope with their personal lives being exposed and subjected to scrutiny. We do not wish to hamper their recovery in any way.

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